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Braavo Business Line of Credit

Braavo Line of Credit
Everyday Line
Use it for every day expenses, just like a credit card, with the benefit of preferred pricing and automated repayments.
Max line amount
Interest Rate
Everyday Line
Everyday Line
Use it for everyday expenses - whatever will help your business succeed, seriously.
Max line amount
Interest Rate
Working Capital LOC
Digital Consignment™
We provide a traditional bank line of credit so you never have to worry about running out.
Max line amount
Interest Rate
Rapid Growth
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Approved amount up to
Annual rate
5 years


You simply upload the invoice from your supplier or vendor on your Braavo dashboard and we will make sure that invoice gets paid for you on time.

An added benefit of using Braavo to is If your vendor or supplier gives you a discount for paying early, we will help ensure you get that discount.

Since Braavo paid for the product, we will contractually own it. But don’t worry, you are granted full rights to sell the inventory as if you owned it directly!

Braavo allows you to always have inventory to sell without having to pay for it out of pocket.

We require that the inventory is sold for no less than 10% above its fully loaded cost, including Amazon costs. [Provide Example -$10k of inventory, $13k to sell it, cant sell it for any less than 10% above that]

Nothing changes with warehousing by using Braavo. Since you will be selling the product and responsible for it getting to the customer, the product will be stored at your preferred Amazon warehouse with us granting you exclusive rights to re-sell the merchandise.

When signing up for Braavo, you will receive a Braavo checking account under your company’s name. that is mutually owned by Braavo and your company. Before submitting your first vendor/supplier invoice for payment, we will ask you to make your Braavo bank account the linked account on all your seller accounts (Amazon, Shopify, etc.).

Everyday, when you make sales to your customers, that money will first flow into your Braavo checking account. Braavo will take [50%] of the daily sales amount to make payments towards the inventory cost and any fees (see fees question). Said differently, you will buy the inventory that you are selling from us. The other [50%] can be sent directly to your business’ primary operating account whenever you want, no questions asked!


Special Offer! Earn a discount on your Digital Consignment fees by choosing Braavo [Free] as your business’ primary checking account [contact us to learn more!].[every day line –limit when the person can reborrow after they repay]

Everyday, when you make sales, [5%+] of that amount will be held by Braavo as transaction costs. Since Braavo is aligned in your success, the faster you sell the inventory, the more cashback you’ll receive.

This cash back reward allows Braavo to reward you for growing your business, we know that’s hard!

Since Braavo is aligned in your success, the faster you sell the inventory, the more cashback you’llreceive. The cash back amount is based on the amount of fees paid and the speed in with the inventory is sold.

The faster you sell the inventory the bigger the “cash-back” and the lower your overall transaction fees.

Our goal is to offer the most flexible and affordable option to help you grow your business, and cash back allows us to do this.

Not always. A personal guarantee only kicks in after the initial 180 days of each supply or inventory purchase. [title will transfer to you on day 181, you and your business will be responsible for the payment which includes inventory cost and fees]

For example: if we buy packaging and allow you to use it in your product that you will ultimately sell to your customers. If you are not able to sell all the product in which that packaging is used in within 180 days, a personal guarantee will be activated. Until then, there is no guarantee in effect.

Yes! Since Braavo owns the inventory until you sell it, you can receive other loans where the lender has a lien on your assets. Digital Consignment will not impact those relationships. [remember! The inventory we buy on your behalf is not yours, so don’t pledge it as collateral for other loans// we can file a public lien to make everyone aware that some of the inventory is not owned by the company]

We are always looking to expand our relationship with our customers and we offer larger lines of credit and other customized loan products up to $5 million plus! Just go to your dashboard and select “[ ]” to receive an offer in 24 hours!

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